Using Anglo-Saxon Characters on a Computer

Using Anglo-Saxon characters is possible on a PC, by typing the character codes or key sequences:

On windows, use the key sequence: <alt>+<character code>

Mac users can enter characters by using <option>+ key combinations

On most Linux systems, use the key sequence: <ctrl>+<shift>+<unicode sequence>

On Linux KDE systems, you need to set up Compose-Key (See Here) then use the key sequence:

You can also add the characters to html pages using the html number code or name code, eg. þ = &#254; or &thorn;

Char Linux unicode Linux KDE Key Sequence Windows Key Sequence Mac Key Sequence HTML Number Code
æ (ash) <ctrl>+<shift>+<u>00e6 <compose> ae <alt>+0230 <opt>+' &#230;
Æ (▲ash)
<ctrl>+<shift>+<u>00c6 <compose> AE <alt>+0198 <shift>+<opt>+' &#198;
þ (thorn)
<ctrl>+<shift>+<u>00fe <compose> th
<alt>+0254 <opt>+t
Þ (▲thorn)
<compose>TH <alt>+0222  <shift>+<opt>+t &#222;
ð (eth)
<ctrl>+<shift>+<u>00f0 <compose>dh <alt>+0240  <opt>+d &#240;
Ð (▲eth)
<ctrl>+<shift>+<u>00d0 <compose>DH <alt>+0208  <shift>+<opt>+d &#208;